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Perseverance finally paid off for Snappi® Baby’s CEO. “For the first five years I didn’t make anything; not one dime. I couldn’t give the things away,” recalled Kate Schumann-Braithwaite, who founded Snap To It, Inc. (now dba Snappi® Baby) in 2001 along with husband Hilton and friends Malcolm and Peggy Hilcove. Today, in addition to the U.S. and Canada, Snappi® Baby is a wholesale distributor of high-quality, unique, practical and affordable children’s products in Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Australia, Poland, Croatia, Portugal and the UK.

Snappi’s® South African manufacturer had approached Kate about becoming their distributor in North America in 2000. Despite Kate’s International Business and Marketing degree and 15 years of highlevel marketing experience, it was a daunting proposition given the disposable diaper dominated culture. “I persevered and more because I believed in the product and cloth diapering”, said Kate who cloth diapered her only daughter.

Then at the 5-year mark a shift occurred, both in Kate and the culture. Kate underwent transformational personal growth, giving her a deeper purpose and different focus. North Americans developed an awareness of health and environmental issues and, as those concerns grew, so did cloth diapering and demand for the fastener. “As I grew, the business grew. Orders just started flowing in,” she said. Today, customers are asking for Snappi® Baby in stores and new retailers are placing orders weekly.

Although the charismatic Kate is thrilled by the company’s success and continued growth, her deeper purpose is to make a difference in the world. “It’s not just about selling product and making money, but helping others succeed and be happy.” Her heart is to help stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) wanting to become work-at-home moms (WAHM’S) earn an income through retailing Snappi® products just like Stephanie Daniel did.