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Rewards Program

1 point is earned for every $1 spent (excluding gift certificates)

Here are the point values:

100 points = $5 gift certificate

250 points = $15 gift certificate

500 points = $35 gift certificate

750 points = $65 gift certificate

1,000 points = $90 gift certificate

When you are ready to redeem your points please email ashleyc@happybabybumz.com to inquire about your Rewards Points balance.

Please note: Points are non-transferable. The person who paid for the item(s) receives the points regardless of whether it was a gift or not. If a return is made, the points for that item(s) will be deducted appropriately. All currency is in U.S. Dollars. The Rewards Points program is subject to change at any time.

Interested in earning rewards points through other ways? Send me an email at ashleyc@happybabybumz.com for more information.