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Who We Are

Kissaluvs is a family-owned and -operated company dedicated to creating and providing excellent natural family products. Our diapers are enjoyed throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other areas far and wide.

Started in a dining room with a fitted diaper for baby "Kissa," Kissaluvs products are now produced by professional seamstresses with top-notch equipment, fabrics and supplies.

We take family ownership quite seriously. The whole family -- Donna, Patrick, Sara, Bridget, Maggie, Colin, and Carson-- share in the work and are all thrilled to be part of the Kissaluvs team.

Even with our whole family involved, however, we couldn't possibly make and ship all these diapers alone. Thankfully, we work with some real professionals on our production team who help ensure that you get diapers that perform well and look good, too.

What We Do

We make and distribute cloth diapering supplies. We try to do it in smart, responsible ways, including:

  • using local and US-suppliers when possible (all our fabrics are made in the USA, as are our diapers and Diaper Lotion Potions)
  • choosing top-quality notions and materials
  • creating a pleasant work environment with fair pay and personnel policies, paid time off, excellent equipment, air-conditioning (very important in hot, humid Houston), and plenty of natural sunlight
  • recycling boxes, packing material, and anything else possible
  • donating fabric scraps when possible
  • working with reputable retailers representing a wide spectrum of sources ... local stores, WAHMs (work-at-home-moms), catalog companies, etc.
  • providing strict quality control for all diapers before they are shipped
  • being responsible and frugal business folks
  • backing up our products with workmanship and Lifetime Snap Attachment guarantees

Our number one goal is consistent quality ... Kissaluvs designs are tested and proven. Our production crew is experienced. Our products are closely inspected before shipping. And our standards are high.

Why We Do It

Why do we make and support cloth diapers?
Because cloth diapers are good news for babies and the planet in so many ways.
Because we want to make cloth diapers beautiful, practical, and easy for folks to use (thus encouraging them to use them!).
And because we want to support our family with a business we can work together and feel good about.

Why do we recycle packaging and watch every penny that we spend?
Because we can, and because it's smart.
Because we try to teach our kids the value of a dollar and of spending wisely.
Because we can't stand waste!