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About Kelly Wels

About Kelly Wels, Founder of Green Team Distribution

After selling her business, Kelly’s Closet, in 2010, and authoring the #1 how-to book on cloth diapering, Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering, Kelly Wels was ready for a new adventure. That’s why she founded Green Team Distribution.

Kelly believes every retailer in the eco-friendly children’s product space should have easy access to the products they need to sell in order to be successful. After all, for 10 years, Kelly ran her own multi-million dollar online retail store, and she knows first-hand the perils retailers go through day-in and day-out.

Kelly’s vision for Green Team Distribution is to be a manufacturer sales rep firm that truly cares about its client’s best interests and makes their jobs as easy as possible.

To do this, Kelly spends much of her time researching and discovering the latest and best eco-friendly children’s products so she can introduce and share these great finds with the hundreds of retailers who depend on her recommendations every day. She takes the time to pre-qualify each manufacturer brand she represents, and she sources all the tools a retailer would need, such as product photos, company descriptions, pricing data, and more.

Further, Kelly takes pride in her ability to offer a one-stop-shop for retailers to place wholesale orders online for any of the brands Green Team Distribution represents. This process, Kelly says, makes it easy for retailers to quickly get the products they need without having to jump through the many hoops manufacturers regularly require their retailers to jump through. In other words, Kelly ensures her retailers don’t have to be bombarded with paperwork overload, unreasonable minimum ordering requirements, and long lag times between payment and actual shipment.

Former Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe, awarded Kelly with a Congressional Medal of Honor in 2008, honoring her has a leading entrepreneur from the state. Kelly also is a leading advocate for cloth diapering and eco-friendly parenting.

When Kelly is not busy running Green Team Distribution, she is spending time with her three children, Olivia, Hanz and Riley. She lives in the beautiful state of Maine, and enjoys gardening and living the green lifestyle.