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Begin Again Toys


Benjamin Barlowe was an early 20th centuray inventor from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Filled with fantastic writings, drawings, and wacky inventions, Ben's world serves as the inspiration for our toys.

Ben's Philosophy on Play

A WISH for Well-Balanced Play

A-rtist (Arts, crafts, music and more creative fun!)

W-riter (Social and role play, great storytelling play)

I-nventor (Educational, exploration, and problem solving fun)

S-portster (Active, outdoors and classic game play)

H-ero (Character play, storytelling, and bath time fun)

The rules of the workshop

-Kids are the noisemakers, no batteries needed.

-Share ideas, collaborate then build.

-Don't leave a mess, take oil out of play.

-Use plants before plastics, it just makes sense.

      -Rubber Tree (hevea Brasiliensis)

          -We use this sustainably harvested wood for our wooden toys.

          -We use the sap of the tree for our natural rubber bath toys.

      -We use recycled polypopylene #5 (yogurt cups, food containers, etc.) - 100% Recycled Plastic Made in the USA

      -Wheat and Corn starch (bioplastics) Made in the USA

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