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The Baby Comfy Care Story

Our son Benjamin had chronic nasal congestion when he was an infant. My wife and I quickly discovered that the standard bulb and battery-powered aspirators  didn’t generate enough suction to remove the deeper nasal mucus. It occurred to me that my own lung suction would do a much better job than a bulb or small battery-powered motor, so I fashioned a crude suction device with a nose tip and flexible tubing lashed together with duct tape.  After inserting the nose tip into Benjamin’s nose and pulling a vacuum with my mouth, we were astonished at how much mucus was pulled out of his little nose.  Did he enjoy it?  No, not really.  But the huge advantage was that it was so fast that it was over before he knew what was going on.  As opposed to the bulb that you have to squeeze & insert & release repeatedly to get any mucus out.

After the concept was proven, it remained to design a method to trap the snot so there was no way that the user could suck mucus into his or her mouth.  My engineering background gave me the skills to design a receptacle applying the principles of fluid dynamics to eliminate the possibility of mucus and liquid getting sucked up into the tube.  In addition, the receptacle is designed so that a tissue can be inserted into the body of the aspirator as a filter.

New Ideas, New Products!  A friend of ours asked a simple question:  Why must nail clippers have two blades?  When clipping baby nails the danger is clipping the baby’s skin when the bottom blade catches the finger tip flesh.  Instead of a bottom blade, Baby Comfy Nail has a bottom plate that pushes baby’s skin back and out of the way.  The single blade cuts right through the thin baby nail while the bottom plate keeps the skin out of the way and safe.

Baby Comfy Care products are developed from a specific need.  When our kids are out in the sun, the struggle is always to keep the sun screen on them.  It’s just no fun to stop playing while mom slathers on the greasy goop.  And we didn’t like the idea of putting chemicals on our kids that probably didn’t work very well any way.  Baby Comfy Sun Poncho is our solution to keep the sun off the shoulders, tummy and back.


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